Travel Wisely on the Road to Career Advancement

When you feel you’ve done everything you can to earn a promotion, waiting for it to happen can be tough. Especially if you’ve been promised a raise or some other type of advancement. You can make good use of the wait, however, and our leaders here at The Austin Focus encourage you to apply the following strategies to do so.

One thing you need to do in the interim is develop new skills. You don’t have to wait for a promotion to equip yourself for more responsibilities, and you can rest assured that your boss will take note of your initiative. Your improved performance will also remind your superiors that they need to make a move or risk losing your talents to another organization.

We at The Austin Focus also believe it’s important to ask for advice from your boss on how you can become more valuable in your current position. When you demonstrate your commitment to improving on a constant basis, you show that you’re ready to tackle any new challenge.

Whatever else you do, be sure not to express your frustration without knowing all the facts. It may be that a budget change or some other unforeseen development is holding up your advancement. Have a frank discussion with your boss so you know where things stand.

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