The Austin Focus, Inc. Team on Athletes’ Winning Strategies

When it comes to winning and losing, no one understands perseverance better than athletes. For that reason, The Austin Focus, Inc. team has been studying the advice imparted by those who are engrained with a winning mindset. Here are some of our favorite winning strategies from athletes:

Don’t Let Others Say You Lack Talent

There are many sports icons who could easily have been dissuaded from continuing to play, but instead decided not to listen to their critics and continued to train hard and learn. Not everyone is born with natural talent, but many people have the will and desire to be the best and keep working at improving their skills, even after they’ve surpassed all others. If you know what you want, ignore the naysayers and continue to work hard.

Know Your Optimal Push

Athletes know just how far to push themselves without injuring themselves in the process. This is called the optimal push. In business, you have to determine how far you can stretch your skills so that you’re learning and growing, but not setting yourself up for failure. Once you’ve reached a level in which you’re comfortable, it’s time to push for the next.

Always Reflect on What You’ve Learned

Post-mortems are an after-game ritual. Create your own by taking time at the end of the day to consider what you’ve done right, what you can improve on tomorrow, and what else you can do to reach your goals.

Just like athletes, if you achieve a winning mindset, you can accomplish great things in whatever you do.