The Austin Focus, Inc. Shares the Traits of an Entrepreneur

Being entrepreneurial is definitely a great quality in today’s economy. While an entrepreneur is traditionally defined as someone who starts his or her own venture, the mentality can be applied anywhere in business. At The Austin Focus, Inc., we view ourselves as being entrepreneurial for a few reasons. Here are the core qualities of this powerful mindset:

  • Action-Focused: Entrepreneurs take action. While planning and strategy are important, execution is far more significant. Timing also plays a big role in success. Don’t wait around for opportunities – make your own.
  • Insecure: Surprisingly, many people with an entrepreneurial state of mind are actually rather insecure. They have grand ambitions, so taking on such lofty challenges can be quite demanding. However, they don’t let this anxiety stop them from acting. Instead, they use it as fuel.
  • Crafty: Most people who follow entrepreneurial pursuits often have to make do with very limited resources. Being crafty and scrappy is essential to maximizing the utility of every dollar and hour of work.
  • Comfortable with Conflict: Being a disruptive innovator means upsetting the status quo. As such, entrepreneurship requires the ability to be comfortable with a bit of conflict. In fact, conflict is quite healthy when handled appropriately.
  • Flexible: While steadfast passion and resolve are important, other things such as plans and goals must be more flexible. This adaptability allows entrepreneurs to react quickly to changes in the business world.

At The Austin Focus, Inc., we strive to embody these qualities of entrepreneurs. We believe that they are the secret to success – even in established businesses.