The Austin Focus, Inc. Reveals Phrases You Should Never Say to Your Team

At The Austin Focus, Inc. we understand the power of words, especially on a team. Words can be used to inspire and positively motivate your team to greatness. Similarly, they can be used to discourage and even wound others, creating a negative impact. There are also three words that simply deflate everyone: I give up. These are words no leader should ever say to their team.

Before delving into why these words shouldn’t be uttered, let’s agree that everyone has, at one point or another, felt like quitting. Exhaustion, continual setbacks, and frustration can lead anyone to feel like abandoning ship. However, there are more reasons to persevere than to give up.

When you convey to your team that you’re giving up, you’re sending a highly discouraging message: not just about your leadership, but about their hard work and efforts as well. Envision for a moment all that your team has done to bring you to the point you’re at now. Would you want them to feel disappointment or to feel their time has not been valuable? Of course you would not.

The other thing to consider is that the time at which most people choose to surrender is when they’re so close to the finish line that just a little more effort could make a difference. Even if you find yourself too tired to continue, our managers at The Austin Focus, Inc. suggest you take a look at how far you’ve come and what is left to do.

Remember that you are the leader and your team is looking to you to inspire them. Give them hope and never give up.