Showcasing Meghan M.’s Talents

Showcasing Meghan M.’s Talents

Recognizing our team members’ contributions is a regular occurrence for The Austin Focus. Kati, our Director of Operations, wants to highlight Meghan M., who is dedicated to advancing her professional education.

Kati commented, “Meghan is a great student, always asking for feedback and constructive criticism to further her development. She’s a fine example of what a hard worker looks like, both in and out of the office. Meghan also has a positive attitude at all times, which lights up the room and inspires everyone on our team to keep working toward their goals.”

Our Director has a few philosophies on how team members can effectively improve throughout the year. She remarked, “Establishing clear objectives is the best way to approach professional development. I think quarterly goals are especially productive, because they can be revisited at regular intervals. This is one area in which Meghan really shines. Her enthusiasm for pursuing her goals gets everyone else engaged in their own objectives and the larger mission of The Austin Focus.”

Kati also believes in the value of frequent performance reviews. “I prefer to check in with our team members as often as I can,” she added. “Rather than wait for an annual or semi-annual meeting, I try to provide useful feedback for all our associates as they need it.”

Meghan sets a great example for everyone at The Austin Focus. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about our associates.