Reaping the Benefits of Team Travel

Reaping the Benefits of Team Travel

Some of the greatest perks of being part of The Austin Focus are the travel opportunities we provide. We attend conferences throughout the year, with another one coming up in October. These events offer so many benefits to our people’s professional growth.

Kati, our Director of Operations, explained, “Conferences allow us to get up close and personal with top performers and influential leaders from across our industry. We always return to The Austin Focus HQ with new insights into best practices for success. Of course, we also bring back a healthy amount of motivation from being around highly accomplished individuals.”

The networking potential offered by industry conferences is unmatched. Our team members make the most of them by putting a few essential strategies into action. Kati remarked, “We do our best to craft compelling elevator pitches before any big function, because we want to make strong first impressions on industry influencers. By focusing on our unique skills, we’re able to do just that.”

We’re also sure to listen more than we talk when adding new contacts at a conference. Our Director commented, “We try to learn as much as possible about other people’s interests and needs before we ask for any favors from them. This is perhaps the best way to build trust with potential connections right off the bat.”

The upcoming conference promises to help us advance closer to our professional goals. Learn more about our approach to travel by following The Austin Focus on Twitter.