Putting Stephen in the Spotlight

Putting Stephen in the Spotlight

Recognition is an essential part of what keeps members of The Austin Focus performing at their best. Today, we’re putting campaign manager Stephen in the spotlight for his commitment to reaching his ambitious professional goals.

Stephen came to The Austin Focus because he wanted a new professional challenge. He explained, “My wife and I were moving, and I decided I needed a steadier career path than the one I had. Since coming here, I’ve found a very supportive work atmosphere in which everyone is working to full their potential and encouraging their teammates to do the same. I make myself available to help my teammates in any way I can, holding them accountable to their personal objectives if need be.”

During his first few weeks with The Austin Focus, Stephen learned some key lessons he hadn’t learned at any other job in the past. He remarked, “I’ve learned a lot about the psychology behind marketing systems since I came here, which has helped me reach my own goals and build up my own team of top performers. Helping them achieve their objectives is a significant part of how I define success in my role as campaign manager.”

Stephen’s wife is his biggest source of motivation to reach his highest professional aspirations. “I want to get to a point where she can retire from teaching at any point,” he stated. “Thanks to my development since joining The Austin Focus, I feel like I have a better outlook than ever before. I know that my work ethic will determine my income, so I feel empowered to turn my dreams into reality. If I can reach this point, then anyone else with dedication and a willingness to learn can too.”

We’re excited to watch Stephen continue his development. Check out our Newswire feed for regular updates on him and all our top performers.