Press Release: The Austin Focus Is Scouting for Talent in 2015

AUSTIN, TX – The team at The Austin Focus is seeking to start 2015 right by setting goals for the coming year and recruiting new associates. Kati, the firm’s director intends to achieve major growth this year.

According to Kati, in the business world, knowing what you want to accomplish is half the battle of success. Without clearly defined goals, no team can hope to achieve much. Kati and her team have taken this lesson to heart and are making sure they are heading in the right direction throughout 2015. She indicated that they view goal setting as a continuous, cyclical process.

“As we enter the second quarter of the year a lot of organizations are starting to lose focus,” she said. “Much like people’s New Year’s resolutions, many companies’ annual goals stray part way into the year. This is a result of poorly developed objectives and neglecting to follow paths set. Certainly some businesses can thrive on keeping things flexible, but we believe in achieving what we set out to do.”

The Austin Focus team sets clear goals for the year and emphasizes focusing on them until they have been completed. While sometimes circumstances require tweaks to existing goals, this is definitely the exception – not the rule. Therefore, they have an excellent track record of getting the job done.

“We set goals that are in and of themselves representative of success,” said Kati. “Rather than just deciding that we will increase sales by a certain percentage, we focus on things like completing trainings and expanding to new markets. There is no question that getting these done means real accomplishment. For this year, we are seeking to enter several new markets in Texas.”

The Austin Focus’ Recruitment Initiative

As part of the team’s plan to achieve their ambitious market expansion goals, they will be adding several new associates. She indicated that the greatest deciding factors in this search will be initiative, eagerness to learn, and overall excitement about career advancement. They are not necessarily looking for highly experienced candidates.

“Our training program is set up to help even completely inexperienced individuals,” Kati explained. “We will teach people who join how to be problem solvers, team players, and how to teach themselves consistently. All we need in a candidate is someone who never backs down from a challenge and will be ready to work toward success with the team. Anyone interested can apply online.”

About Austin Focus, Inc

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