Practices That Lead to Promotions

Practices That Lead to Promotions

Achieving regular advancement in your career is a matter of maintaining the right kinds of habits. As we’ve progressed toward our career goals with The Austin Focus, we’ve found that the following behaviors get the attention of top decision makers and put us in position to get promoted.

Going beyond expectations is a simple but vital part of earning promotions. When we push past what’s expected of us, we show that we’re capable of taking on more responsibility. If we prove that we’re willing to coach others to winning results, we establish stronger leadership potential.

We’ve also become adept at tracking our progress toward our highest career aspirations. Not only does this prepare us for making elevator pitches in support of our own advancement, keeping tabs on our achievements also builds our resolve to keep reaching our objectives. Every time we write down a major milestone we’ve accomplished, we get a quick jolt of inspiration for the next challenge.

Along with tracking our progress, we also gather evidence of the impact we’ve made on The Austin Focus. This might mean saving notes of thanks from our colleagues or from customers we’ve helped. When we’re prepared to back up our success, we’re more confident about making our case.

These strategies are helping us get closer to our ultimate professional goals. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on