The Power of First Impressions When Networking

The Power of First Impressions When Networking

As we expand our networks, we place an emphasis on the value of strong first impressions. These are a few of the effective strategies we’ve developed for making lasting positive impressions when we represent The Austin Focus at industry events.

Projecting confidence is one key element in impressing new connections. People want to be associated with winners, which is why we strive to stand tall and straight when we’re networking. We work to hold our heads high and maintain an open stance to show that we’re self-assured and ready to mingle.

Consistent eye contact is another The Austin Focus technique we use to ensure good first impressions. Staring at another person, which can come off as intimidating, is not a great idea. Instead, we’re working to get better at maintaining eye contact about 60 to 70 percent of the time we interact with new contacts. Research has shown this is the ideal amount of time to meet someone else’s gaze if you want to forge a strong bond.

We also try our best to show other people we’re interested by leaning in slightly when they’re speaking. This shows respect and increases the chances of productive connections. We also nod along with what’s being said and ask follow-up questions to make sure we understand the points being made.

With the right strategies, relationship building is an enjoyable experience. Check out The Austin Focus Newswire for more on how we’re improving our networking efforts through stronger first impressions.