Office Administrator Abby in the Spotlight

Office Administrator Abby in the Spotlight

Putting our standout performers in the spotlight is something we’re always ready to do here at The Austin Focus. Today, it’s office administrator Abby’s turn to receive some well-deserved recognition. Abby came to Austin (with its 940,000 residents) from a small town environment, and she has learned a lot since coming on board.

Abby explained that she found a true clan culture when she came to The Austin Focus. She stated, “Since I got here, I’ve learned so much about the importance of team building and empowerment. I’ve also become more adept at networking and professional development. From the first weeks on the job, I also came to realize that my role is vital to the company’s growth. I help scout for the highest quality of talent and provide them with the opportunity to improve.”

In describing how she defines success in her position, Abby remarked, “For me, success is about exceeding expectations and hitting my own personal mini-goals. However much of my to-do list I can accomplish in a day, I make sure that the quality is at 110 percent.”

Abby’s biggest source of motivation is the chance to expand her skill set and become more efficient every day. She added, “I’m also motivated by my coworkers and seeing those I booked first interviews for excel and advance within the company. My goal is to take advantage of the many opportunities the company provides to further my own development. These include attending conferences, seminars, and networking events.”

Communication is key in Abby’s efforts to support her team members. She explained, “I’m always clear with my team and keep them in the loop with moving pieces here in the office. If they can learn anything from my career journey, I hope it’s that they can achieve whatever they want if they’re willing to push past their comfort zones.”

We’re excited to watch Abby reach her full potential. Check out The Austin Focus Newswire feed to stay updated on all our top performers.