Some of the Many Reasons to Give

Some of the Many Reasons to Give

The holiday season is an excellent time for celebration and team building, yet it’s an even better time for giving. We combine these activities throughout the month of December, with the goals of strengthening our relationships while making a difference in the lives of those in need. For instance, The Austin Focus has been the home of an office toy drive.

Kati, The Austin Focus Director of Operations, says, “We collected toys and donated them to a local cause. This way, all children in our community can have the Christmases they deserve – with presents and all!” Our philanthropic work even benefits our company. Here’s how:

• Higher Morale: Knowing we’re putting smiles on people’s faces simply feels good. Our overall office morale improves as a result. Productivity and performance soar.

• Better Public Relations: It’s true that we develop stronger bonds with each other through our giveback activities, but we make solid network connections as well. Giving allows us to engage with likeminded and influential people.

• Easier Recruitment: Young professionals want to work with companies that are committed to social change. Thanks to our philanthropy, when we’re hiring we can dip into a large pool of promising talent.

It’s an honor to give back to our community and support children in need. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on