Keegan on a Winning Trajectory

Keegan on a Winning Trajectory

We do our best to help all The Austin Focus team members achieve their career goals. Our people are ambitious, and they take advantage of every opportunity to thrive. Their hard work is deserving of recognition. Today, Keegan’s performance receives a round of applause.

According to Kati, The Austin Focus’ Director of Operations, “Before working with us, Keegan graduated from Appalachian State University in North Carolina. He played collegiate soccer while in school, and the experience definitely plays a positive role in his work ethic. He is a great team player.”

“Keegan has been super-consistent lately and is now training others in the office,” Kati adds. “He is putting the needs of his colleagues before his own. He has also done a lot of traveling to different countries, which helps him understand unique and dynamic cultures. He welcomes diverse perspectives and knows how to leverage them for great outcomes.”

These are some other qualities that make Keegan a great leader:

• Good Communication: Keegan is clear and concise when he shares his expectations with others. He is an attentive listener as well, which lets his colleagues know that he values them.

• Sound Decision-Making Skills: Making good choices requires people to consider all available information while listening to their instincts. Keegan has mastered both steps to the process.

Keegan is an excellent leader and a valuable addition to our team. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on