Guidelines for Creating a Culture of Trust

Guidelines for Creating a Culture of Trust

It’s easy to say that trust is vital for a team to succeed, but that doesn’t explain how to make it a part of an office dynamic. These are The Austin Focus action steps for creating culture where people feel confident in one another and our organization:

” Spend Time Together: There are many reasons we enjoy The Austin Focus team nights, but one of the most important is that the better we know one another, the easier it is for us to have faith in each other. While we spend a lot of time together in the office, being in a relaxed environment allow us to be more authentic in our conversations.

” Communicate Face to Face Whenever Possible: There’s an interesting idea developed by Albert Mehrabian called the 7-38-55 Rule. He acknowledges how different types of interaction impact the levels of trust we foster in one another. As you might have guessed, Mehrabian found that speaking face to face with someone is the most effective way to earn loyalty.

” Focus on the Positive: It makes sense that positive interactions are more likely to encourage trust than negative ones, but consider this: studies show that a negative encounter is three times more impactful than a positive one. In other words, it’s three times easier to lose someone’s confidence than it is to gain it. We act accordingly.

Use these guidelines as a way to build trust into your company culture. For more team-building tips, check out The Austin Focus Newswire feed.