Great Business Presentation Approaches

Great Business Presentation Approaches

We apply a few simple techniques to hold the attention of our listeners during The Austin Focus presentations. Here are the strategies we’ve discovered for making effective speeches that stick with our audiences.

The importance of telling a story with every presentation isn’t lost on us. However, we don’t just relate anecdotes for the sake of variety. We make sure that any stories we tell are relevant to the main points we want to make. To be compelling, a story in the middle of a speech must align with the facts and figures being presented.

We’ve also embraced the rule of three in our speech preparation efforts because the human brain is simply wired to remember things in groups of three. Whenever we represent The Austin Focus at a conference or other industry event, we boil down our addresses to three main points. This strategy also helps us keep our presentations concise and as attention-grabbing as possible.

Natural body language helps us make better and more memorable speeches. Rather than taking on robotic postures as we deliver our remarks, we make lots of eye contact, smile, and move around the stage to emphasize key points.

These simple steps help us ensure that every public speaking engagement goes smoothly. For more on how we’re improving as presenters and spreading great messages, like The Austin Focus on Facebook.