Great Answers to Common Interview Questions

Great Answers to Common Interview Questions

Like any other company, our hiring managers pose some tried-and-true questions to potential The Austin Focus hires. Impressive answers to these queries can take several forms, but here are a few of the best responses we’ve received through our interviewing experiences.

One thing we always ask is why candidates are interested in the positions for which they’re applying. The main purpose of this question is to find out how much research people have done on our company, the roles they would occupy, and even the person conducting the interview. When potential hires can build rapport through their answers to this basic question, they show that they’re good cultural fits.

We also ask about the areas in which candidates need to improve. Honest answers are always appreciated, but we really just want to know that people are committed to ongoing growth. Constant improvement is a core element of The Austin Focus’ culture, so it’s important for any addition to our team to understand the value of everyday learning.

Asking about challenges candidates have faced in the past is another useful interview strategy. The responses we receive tell us how organized people are in the face of obstacles. We want to find strong problem solvers, so this question is an especially important one.

We pose these questions to find the best fits for our work culture. Find more of our interview tips by following The Austin Focus on Newswire.