Give a Memorable Presentation With These Strategies

Give a Memorable Presentation With These Strategies

Public speaking skills are critical to career success, whether you’re presenting to five people or 500. For this reason, we use several tried-and-true strategies to keep our speaking abilities sharp as we represent The Austin Focus.

Whenever we’re feeling nervous, for instance, we remind ourselves that our speeches have little to do with us. It’s really all about our listeners. In the words of Scott Osman, an innovation expert, “…It’s about the audience members who are attending hoping to hear something meaningful to them. They want the speaker to succeed. By shifting focus from yourself to your audience, you can gain the energy of their optimism and openness, and release your fears.”

We also use the power of narrative to make a positive impact when speaking on behalf of The Austin Focus. Stories engage the human mind far more effectively than straightforward facts and figures, so we are careful to illustrate our messages with compelling anecdotes. Sometimes we even reinforce our stories with images.

It may seem inconsequential, but we prefer not to stand behind podiums or desks when speaking. These props create literal and figurative barriers between us and our listeners. By steering clear of them, we position ourselves for stronger connections. Welcoming body language, such as open arms, is much more powerful.

These techniques help us give speeches that resonate. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on