Erin M.: Team Member Highlight

Erin M.: Team Member Highlight

We routinely recognize our associates for all they contribute to The Austin Focus. Our colleague, Erin M., is the latest to earn some time in the spotlight. She came to us after a career as a dance educator, bringing passion and creativity with her.

“I faced quite a few challenges before arriving at The Austin Focus,” says Erin. “I was passed over at many businesses because I didn’t have the right education or experience. Still, I persevered and continued applying for jobs that interested me. I was super excited when I heard about the learning opportunities available here. I could transition from entry level, to leadership, to management!”

Since joining our team, Erin has learned a lot about the importance of building relationships, which many businesses don’t emphasize. She knows she can come to us with questions and concerns, and that we will give her the tools and support she needs to grow. Now, Erin never excludes herself from an opportunity to network.

“I define success by my ability to apply feedback and improve,” Erin adds. “I also believe I can only be truly successful if I am encouraging the people around me. My positive attitude and kind nature enables me to support my team members as they set goals and overcome challenges.”

Erin continues to develop new skills thanks to her student mentality.