Effective Rituals for Career Growth

Effective Rituals for Career Growth

What we do each day determines how far we can go in our careers. That’s what we’ve learned through our experiences at The Austin Focus. Here are the rituals we’re practicing to make sure we put ourselves in prime position for advancement.

Constant improvement is a core The Austin Focus principle, so we do whatever we can to keep learning every day. One way we do this is spending about 15 minutes reading during our lunch breaks. We read from motivational books and online articles pertaining to industry trends so we can stay sharp.

We’re working to get more out of the average workday by waking up earlier. When we rise with the sun, we can take advantage of the quiet morning hours to meditate, exercise, and set our priorities for the hours to come. The positive momentum we create from the beginning of the day tends to pay off in the afternoon, when we get a second wind of productive energy.

Writing down the problems we want to solve is another habit we’re practicing. Instead of listing out the tasks we need to complete in each day, this strategy helps us focus on our long-term objectives. Every time we revisit our problems lists, we get fresh motivation to take steps toward solving them.

These rituals pay significant dividends in our career pursuits. For more on how we approach professional advancement, like The Austin Focus on Facebook.