Creating New Roles to Complement Growth

Creating New Roles to Complement Growth

Through the course of The Austin Focus’ continuing growth, we’ve had the opportunity to create a few new roles within our office. Kati, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “This has been an exciting time for all of us, but it’s especially rewarding to be able to challenge our team members in fresh ways. I’m confident that our people will step up and achieve great success in their new roles.”

Two of the new positions we’ve created are office manager and inventory manager. Kati stated, “Amy will be filling the role of office manager, while Mollie has been named The Austin Focus inventory manager. Amy was originally a leader, so she’s well suited to take the reins as office manager. People really respond to her positive energy, which will serve her well as she adjusts to her new duties. Among other things, Amy will now be responsible for a range of recruiting tasks.”

Mollie will be handling all our inventory processes in her new position. Our Director remarked, “Mollie has always brought a keen eye for detail to her work, so I’m confident that inventory manager is an ideal fit for her skill set. This kind of role is vital to a successful organization.”

Both Amy and Mollie represent the firm’s commitment to setting clear goals. Kati commented, “One big reason these two have been so successful is the fact that they establish specific objectives and follow through on them. I have no doubt that they will carry these practices over now that they’ve been promoted.”

We’re excited for Amy and Mollie as they assume new roles within our firm. Follow The Austin Focus on Twitter to stay up to date on our team.