Create Impact With a Great First Impression

Create Impact With a Great First Impression

Mutually beneficial relationships can be fostered just about anywhere, from the line at the coffee shop to the next big industry event. We never want to miss a good networking opportunity, so we’re always ready to make a great first impression. The Austin Focus training program has taught us several effective strategies for doing so.

Clearly defining our work is the first step. We’ve each developed an elevator pitch that encompasses not only our roles, but our industry expertise and The Austin Focus’ mission as well. We concluded these pitches by articulating the impact we make on others, so there’s no question about the value we offer.

Other than delivering our pitches, we focus on listening. We pay attention to what our new contacts have to say, as well as their body language. Asking open-ended questions helps these conversations progress. Listening attentively – without glancing at our phones or around the room – sends the message that we’re genuinely interested in the connections.

Whenever possible, we also introduce our new contacts to each other. If we learn that one person has a need, and we also know just the right individual to meet that need, we ask permission of both parties to bring them together. It’s an easy and effective way to enlarge our community.

These techniques keep us ready to create positive impact. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on