Combat the Nervousness of Public Speaking

Combat the Nervousness of Public Speaking

From professionals at small-scale businesses to award-winning musicians, just about everyone feels nervous when they step on stage or behind a podium. Though this is a common experience, it’s important to keep a firm handle on the jitters. When we present on behalf of The Austin Focus, we minimize our anxiety using these strategies:

• Aim to Enlighten: The idea isn’t simply to relay information. We must show that we care about our work and the messages we send. Our passion makes the content of our speeches interesting and exciting. Our goal of enlightening our audience members helps us keep the focus on them instead of our nervousness.

• Research the Listeners: We also learn as much as we can about our audiences. This way, we can tailor our messages to convey as much value as possible. Consumers, executives, and potential partners have different needs and expectations, after all.

• Practice: There’s more to rehearsal than reciting a speech in front of a mirror. With the help of everyone throughout The Austin Focus, we run though our presentations before live audiences. Our colleagues offer plenty of feedback, focusing on our content, our verbal delivery (such as pitch, pauses, emphasis, and pace), and our body language.

Try these techniques to make public speaking less stressful!