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Our team at The Austin Focus is diverse, yet we share common traits.

We’re passionate about what we do, and obsessed with innovation.

People join our team because we offer something rare in today’s job market – a direct career path with uncapped earning potential.

We’re an ideal match for people who desire satisfying careers.

Let’s explore what makes us unique:

Step in the Right Direction With The Austin Focus

What inspires people in their careers? Opportunities to grow based on individual strengths and ambitions. At The Austin Focus, we’ve created a training process that is designed to ensure that our people advance in their careers. We offer them ample support and coaching in so many areas, such as how to overcome obstacles and how to lead a sales team.

We further support our associates’ growth with plentiful networking opportunities. They attend industry conferences and gatherings, and they meet with local business leaders. By connecting with others, they become more confident and attain immense knowledge. We’re building tomorrow’s leaders today.

Top-Notch Team

The Austin Focus team is the cornerstone of our success. Our attitudes show why:

• We emphasize collaboration over competition
• We celebrate individual and team wins together
• We’ve proven that working together yields the best results

Our associates learn from the best of the best – our seasoned managers. These savvy leaders joined our firm at the entry level, too. They want to help incoming associates by serving as coaches and passing along the lessons they learned as they moved up the ranks. They develop individualized support plans that offer hands-on learning opportunities and meaningful feedback for optimized performance.

Exciting Travel

At The Austin Focus, we sometimes pack our bags and venture out on trips as a team. From cross-region trainings to amazing retreats, we offer travel as one of the perks for working hard and delivering excellence. Even better, we get to enjoy these trips together.


a Career at The Austin Focus

We’d like to share more information about how The Austin Focus team learns, grows, and accomplishes new things. To learn more, please send your resume to so that we can chat about available opportunities.