Better Networking Through Small Talk

Better Networking Through Small Talk

We’re serious about building diverse professional networks here at The Austin Focus HQ. That doesn’t mean our approach to doing so is overly complex, though. Small talk is the best tool we’ve found for making connections, especially when we apply the following techniques.

Sticking to topics we enjoy is the simplest strategy we employ to make small talk effective. Some of us like to discuss food, while others prefer TV shows or movies. Whatever it is that we’re most comfortable discussing with potential connections, we stick with those topics until business matters come up organically.

We’ve also learned to talk a bit about ourselves as an effective way to find common ground with others. Our hobbies and outside interests tend to be the best options, because they get people talking about their passions rather than the business topics of the day. From there, it’s easier to create personal connections.

Sincere compliments are also key elements of The Austin Focus small-talk strategy. We do our research before each event so we can talk to people about the work they do or helpful articles they may have written. Making people feel validated in this way presents a clear path to mutually beneficial relationships.

These small-talk techniques have already made a big difference in our networking efforts. You can learn more about how we add valuable contacts by following The Austin Focus on Twitter.